Notable Quotes

"[One of] Long Island's Best"
- Newsday

"A very talented man."
- Christine Lavin

"This is modern folk-rock, and it's excellent"
- Good Times Magazine

"Good pieces of songwriting, no matter how you slice 'em"
- The Musician's Exchange

"Markus has a gentle, clean voice and his writing shows a good sense of his place in the world...the popular alternative covers he did played second fiddle (or guitar) to his amazing originals. This is an artist that everyone should check out live."
- Good Times Magazine

"Humming along after listening will be a common experience."
- Long Island Lifestyles

"Imagine Alexander Dumas as a folk singer"
- Long Island Voice

"Before I left I went over and bought one of his CDs.
That's as strong an endorsement as I can give."
- Good Times Magazine

"Stu Markus? The dude sings good, plays good, writes good, and on top of that, he's funny. The crowd loved him - in fact, speaking as someone who had to follow him onstage, ignore previous sentence. Why should I risk losing work just because he has talent and he practices?"
- David Buskin

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